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Text Book List for 2019/2020

Selection of A’ Level Courses & Required/Recommended Texts for 2017/2018

2017/2018 Subjects Required Texts
Applied Mathematics Unit 1 A Concise Course in Advanced Level Statistics with worked examples,
editors J Crawshaw and J Chambers.
Biology Units 1 & 2 1. Biology Unit 2 for CAPE Examinations – Myda Ramesar, Mary
Jones & Geoff Jones
Caribbean Studies 1.Caribbean Studies Study Guide (CXC)
2. CAPE Caribbean Studies text book.
Chemistry Units 1 & 2 1. Ramsden E. – A Level Chemistry, Cheltunham Nelson Thorne
Limited 2000.
2. Rensha J – Understanding Chemistry for Advanced Level
Cheltenham Trans – Atlantic Publication 2000
Communication Studies
(These Texts available from
College on loan with a deposit)
1. Communication Studies Study Guide (CXC)
2. CAPE Communication Studies text book.
Communication Studies
Additional Recommended Texts
1. Communication Studies for CAPE Examinations -Veronica
Simon Sandra Osborne – Macmillan Publishers 2009
2. Communication Studies, Preparing Students for CAPE, Edlin
Dianne Rochford; iUniverse, 2008
Environmental Science Units 1 & 2 1. Arms K. Environmental Science – Second Edition, Philadelphia
Saunders College Publishing.
2. Goodbody I and Thomas – Hiope E, Natural Resource Management
for Sustainable Development of the Caribbean Canon Press University
of the West Indies, Mona.
3. Farmer A. – Managing Environmental Pollution Rout ledge 1997
Information Technology Units 1 & 2 Discovering Computers, New York: International Thompson
Publishing Company, 2008.
Management of Business Units 1 & 2 1. Peter Stimpson and Kathleen Singh, Cambridge University Press
2. (3rd Edition, if possible get 4th Edition) Dave Hill, Rob Jones and
Carol Raffo, Lancaster, Causeway Press 2003.
3. CAPE Study Study Guide.
Physics Units 1 & 2 Advanced Physics by Steve Adams, Jonathan Allday, Oxford
Pure Mathematics Units 1 & 2 The Core Course for ‘A Level Mathematics – L Bostock and
S. Chandler – Publisher London: Stanley Thornes (latest edition)

Students are also required to obtain a copy of the relevant syllabi which are available in
electronic format from the College and from CXC’s on line Book Store.

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