The Rules and Regulations below are designed to create a College atmosphere which would be
conducive to the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for personal growth and for
flexible adjustment to the development needs of Montserrat and an ever changing world.
Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations and abide by them.

1. Academic Conduct Policy

1.1 All students of the Montserrat Community College are expected to uphold high standards of
honour, and integrity. Students are also expected to maintain high standards of scholarly conduct
and to be honest in all dealings whether social, academic or personal. Academic dishonesty will not
be tolerated.

1.2 Every effort will be made by the College’s administration and faculty to ensure that the rights of
students are held in high regard within the context of fairness and trust.

1.3 Students who exhibit lack of ability or industry, unsatisfactory performance in a course, or failure
without adequate reason to enter for an examination or for any other good cause may be refused
the right to continue attendance at the College by the Principal.

1.4 In cases where a student has been denied attendance he\she may appeal to the Board of
Governors against the decision of the Principal, provided that a letter of appeal is submitted to the
Registrar within ten days after the date of the Principal’s letter conveying the decision.

1.5 The College reserves the right to approve academic programmes and timetables, and to
control access to courses, programmes, individual classes and examinations.

1.6 It is the responsibility of students to ensure that the courses they take are appropriate for their
academic programme, involve as far as possible no timetabling clashes, and collectively satisfy the
requirements of their programme.

2. Attendance

2.1 Students are required to attend ALL classes and scheduled sessions at the specified times and to
be regular and punctual in attendance.

2.2 Students are required to attain 85 percent attendance in order to qualify for a Certificate of
Attendance from the College.

2.3 Students must seek permission from the Principal to be absent from classes or scheduled
sessions on any day or part thereof.

2.4 Students who require leave of absence must apply in writing to the principal for approval.

2.5 Students who absent themselves from three or more classes of a course without a
valid excuse may be suspended or asked to withdraw from the course.

2.6 Students who have been absent from classes for three consecutive weeks without permission
shall be considered to have withdrawn from the College.

2.7 Students are expected to take examinations as schedule except under extraordinary
circumstances, which must be reported to the Registrar.

2.8 A candidate who is absent from an examination without a valid excuse will be deemed to have
failed the examination.

3. Payment of Fees

Students are expected to pay all of the required fees to the College by the due dates. Failure to do
so will result in the student being debarred from attending classes, from using the College facilities
and writing examinations.

Refund of fees will be as follows:

4. Dress

4.1 Students are expected to be appropriately attired at all times. Students are expected to wear the
mode of dress or uniform approved by the College for regular classes and other occasions specified
by the College.

4.2 Students are not permitted to wear oversize clothing, short pants or skirts, tank tops, see
through clothing or any article of clothing promoting illicit behaviour or indecent language, on the
College compound.

4.2 Students who fail to adhere to the dress code will not be permitted to attend classes or remain
on the College compound.

5. ID Card Rules

5.1 Students are required to carry valid ID cards while on the College compound and are required to
present them when requested to do so by duly authorised College personnel.

5.2 Failure to produce a valid ID card may result in expulsion from the College compound.

5.3 Students are required to report immediately to the Registrar the loss of ID cards and shall pay
the necessary fee for a replacement.

6. College Property and Premises

6.1 The College’s Logo, stationery and stamp must not be used by students without the permission
of the Principal.

6.2 Students shall not have access to any of the College keys without authority of the Principal or
Registrar. No student shall reproduce or duplicate any keys belonging to the College.

6.3 Students must not damage or deface any of the College’s property, or remove without the
College’s permission any of the College’s property.

Students should take care to keep the College’s buildings, premises and grounds in sanitary and
clean conditions.

6.5 Students must present a valid student’s ID card to get access to the College’s Library. Students
must abide by the rules regulating the use of the library. The library is a place for study and
investigation and students must be quiet at all times. No food or beverage is to be consumed in the

6.6 Students using the Computer and Science Laboratories and the workshops must abide by the
rules for each facility. The member of staff responsible for each facility must approve access to the
facility. The consumption of food and beverages are prohibited in these areas.

6.7 Students on the completion or termination of their course or programme must return all
property belonging to the College to the appropriate authority. Failure to do so may result in the
debarring of the student from graduation or receipt of certificate.

6.8 Students shall park motor vehicles in areas assigned for the purpose of student’s parking.

6.9 Parking or driving is not permitted on lawns, or any area that will destroy the landscaping of the
compound, create a safety hazard or interfere with the use of the College facilities.

6.10 Loud music or loud noises from motor vehicles or any other source, save as otherwise
permitted, is strictly forbidden on the College compound.

6.11 The College shall not be responsible for loss or damage to motor vehicles or any other private

7. Personal Conduct

7.1 Students shall not:

7.2 No smoking is permitted on the College compound.

7.3 No student shall use or sell alcoholic drinks on the school compound.

7.4 No student shall under any circumstances whatsoever, have in his/her possession, use or
caused to be used, or sell illegal drugs and substances on the College premises. Violation of this rule
will result in immediate suspension and possible expulsion.

7.5 No student shall have in his possession any firearm, explosive, dangerous chemical or other
weapons on the College compound or within any of the College facilities. Violation of this rule will
result in immediate suspension and possible expulsion from the College.

7.6 No student shall engage in gambling, or knowingly be part of a group activity in gambling
anywhere on the College compound. Violation of this rule will result in immediate suspension and
possible expulsion.

7.7 Any criminal offence including, but not restricted to, murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault,
burglary, motor vehicle theft, forgery will result in immediate suspension and possible expulsion.

7.8 The Montserrat Secondary School Compound is out of bounds. Students should not trespass or
loiter on that compound.

8. Student Council

8.1 The Students’ Council shall be the representative body of all students and the student
government. It should represent students on all student related matters.

8.2 Every full time student shall automatically become a member of the Students’ Council and shall
be expected to observe the constitution of the Students’ Council.

8.3 The Students’ Council or any club or student organization may not organize any fund raising
activity on or off the College’s compound without the express permission of the Principal.

8.4 A student or group of students shall not use the name of the College to raise funds for any
purpose whatsoever without the express permission of the Principal.

8.5 The Principal reserves the right to withhold or withdraw permission for a meeting or function to
be held or for any visitor to come, on the College’s premises to partake in any function or meeting.

9. Disciplinary Procedures

9.1 Any breach of the College’s Rules and Regulations renders the student liable to disciplinary

9.2 Offences can be regarded as minor or major. For minor offences the penalties might include, but
not limited to, a written apology, restoration, or payment for restoration of College property or loss
of privileges, for example in the library or laboratories. Major offences may carry penalties of
suspension or expulsion.

9.3 Where a complaint is lodged against a student for an offence, the Principal will conduct an
investigation, which shall include an interview with the student. At the interview the student shall be
informed of the complaint against him/her and shall be given the opportunity to be heard in his/her
defence. If the offence is deemed to be minor the Principal will determine the penalty to be imposed
on the student

9.4 For more serious offences the Principal may, along with senior officials, conduct a hearing and
determine what penalty might be imposed.

9.5 Only the Principal shall have the right to suspend a student. The Principal may suspend a
student for a period not exceeding ten school days.

9.6 If a matter is deemed to be very serious or a major offence, the Principal shall instruct the
Registrar to summon a Disciplinary Committee to adjudicate on the matter.

9.7 Serious or Major offences include but are not restricted to the following:

9.8 At the hearing of the Disciplinary Committee the student shall be entitled to be advised or
represented by an adviser of his or her choice. The advisor may be a lawyer at the student’s

9.10 The Disciplinary Committee shall report to the Principal and shall recommend the penalty to be

9.11 Where an expulsion penalty has been imposed on a student, the student may appeal to the
Board of Governors against the penalty, provided that a letter of appeal is submitted to the Registrar
within ten days after the date of the letter from the Principal conveying the decision.

9.12 Any student expelled for disciplinary reasons will not be entitled to any refund of fees paid.

9.13 A student may be placed on suspension while awaiting the outcome of a matter placed before
the Disciplinary Committee. However, the decision should be finalized before the end of the ten day
limit. Approval of the Board must be sought if it becomes necessary to extend the suspension period.

9.14 The College reserves the right to refer matters of a criminal nature to the police.

Rules For The Use of The Library

Conduct in the library:

Guideline For Use of The Computer Laboratory