Student Council Constitution


Part V Section 38 of the Montserrat Community College Act 2003 states “There shall be a student government initiated by the Board and controlled by students who shall be democratically elected and contain a constitution approved by the Board.”

This constitution is the official document of the Montserrat Community College Student Council. It is to be used as a guideline for the council and should not be misused.

The Students’ Council shall be the student government and the representative body of students to explore the problems of students and promote their well being and full development thereby establishing good relationships between students and teachers, and the College and society. All students of the Montserrat Community College are equal and should be treated that way regardless of race, colour, ethnic background or religious affiliation.

Article I


The name of this organization shall be the Montserrat Community College Students’ Council.

All registered full time students of the College shall automatically become members of the Montserrat Community College Students’ Council.

Article II

Purpose This Council is established

1. To represent the interest of the student body on all student related matters.

2. To select a student to represent the student body on the MCC Board of Governors and other committees of the College as may be requested.

3. To provide a communication link between faculty, administrative staff and the student body.

4. To instill in members a sense of discipline and commitment to constructive work – academic, Vocational, technical, social and cultural.

5. To promote the personal development of students through social, cultural, sporting and educational activities.

6. To inspire a sense of democracy through open and free discussion

7. To promote national pride.

Article III

1. The Executive Council


2. The General Body

3. Trustees and Liaison Officers

Article IV

The Executive Council

The Executive Council shall comprise of the following


1. President

2. Vice-President

3. Secretary

4. Treasurer

5. Public Relations Officer

6. Any other officer as appointed under

Article VI or elected under Article XV

( b) Executive Council meetings shall be held once a month or more

often if necessary. Voting procedures shall be as described in

Article VII (a).

The Executive Council shall be the highest decision making body of the


Without prejudice to the other business the executive meeting shall

i. review the work of the Council for the past semester.

ii. Take major decisions.

Article V

Duties of Officers

President 1. The President calls and chairs all open, executive and general council meetings.

2. The President is a member of all Council Committees.

3. The president shall represent the students on the MCC Board of Governors


1. Chairs all meetings in the absence of the


2. Directs all fund-raising activities of the


Secretary 1. Takes minutes at all open, executive and

general council meetings.

2. Circulates notices of meetings and keeps

the Council’s correspondence.

Treasurer 1. Advises the Council on all financial matters.

2. Keeps records of all monies spent and received by the Council.

Public Relations Officer

1. Is responsible for publicizing all Council sponsored activities.

Article VI

Appointment of Officers Any officer may nominate a student to be appointed to a position

And Committees on the Student Council. A simple majority of the Executive is

required for the nomination to be approved. Furthermore, any

officer may nominate a council sponsored committee to be started

subject to approval by a majority of the Executive Council.

Article VII

Meetings of the General Body (a) Open general meetings shall be held at least once each semester

or more if it is deemed necessary by the Executive Council.

Any student may present a motion at an open meeting. All

students present shall be allowed to vote for or against the

motion. The proposal shall be passed and brought into effect

if the majority of students vote in favour of the motion. Voting

shall be by a raising of hands. In the event that votes are tied

the proposal may be discussed further and another vote taken

at the same or a subsequent meeting.

A quorum for the general meeting shall consist of at least sixty percent

of the membership.

Article VIII

Amendments (a) Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by any member of

the General Council. A simple majority of this council must be in favour

of calling an open meeting to take the proposal to the student body.

(b) The proposal must be circulated and publicized for discussion for a minimum

of one week and a maximum of two weeks before an open meeting can be

called to discuss the proposal.

( c) Further discussion may be held at the open meeting.

(d) A vote will then be taken on the proposal.

(e) A two third (2/3) majority of the students present must vote in favour for the

change to be effected.

(f) Voting shall be by raising of hands.

Article IX

Impeachment of

Any Officer (a) Any officer may be disciplined but such discipline must be done by

the student body at an open meeting.

(b) Such discipline cannot be done in the absence of the officer if the

officer gave prior notification to the secretary of his inability to attend

the open meeting.

(c ) A discipline proposal may be made by any student at an open meeting.

(d) Another open meeting must be called for the discipline procedure to be

effected. This meeting shall take place not more than two weeks from the initial meeting. However, this does not preclude a discussion and debate at this initial meeting.

(e) The officer shall have the right to defend himself at the meeting.

(f) A simple majority of those present is needed to pass the disciplinary


(g) Any officer so disciplined will be deemed to have been fired and

the position becomes vacant. A by-election must be called to fill the

vacant position.

Article X

Eligibility to be an Officer

No part time student shall be eligible to hold an office.

Article XI

Elections (a) The principal shall appoint an election officer at the start of the first

Semester. This officer should not be a student.

(b) The officer so appointed shall be responsible for the full conduct

of the elections which shall take place early in the first semester.

( c) He/she on the advice of the principal shall name a day as nomination

day. Candidates accompanied by a seconder, shall report on that day

to the Elections officer and inform the officer that he/she wishes to be a candidate. He/she must also state which office he/she wishes to be a candidate for.

(d) As soon as possible thereafter, the elections officer shall publish or cause to be published, the list of candidates for each elective office.

(e) The elections officer shall publish or cause to be published, the list of

Voters. Students whose names are missing shall have the right to report the error to the elections officer, who shall upon investigation, add the name to the list.

(f) Election day shall take place not more than four weeks and not less

than two weeks from the nomination day.

(g) The election officer shall establish polling stations on the College

Compound with as many ballot boxes as necessary. He/she shall appoint as many polling officers as necessary, one for each polling station. Such polling officers should be faculty members.

(h) Voters must present their student ID to the polling officer at the polling station. He/she will then be given a ballot paper. When he/she has completed the ballot paper, he/she shall place the ballot in the ballot box.

(i) The polling officer will then strike a line through the name of the


(j) A voter shall not be permitted to vote more than once, but has the right to vote for one candidate for each office.

(k) No ballot may be cast for an absent student.

(l) All (full time) students are eligible to vote. However, students who are

on suspension will not be eligible to vote.

Article XII

The Ballot Paper (a) The ballot paper shall show the names of the candidates in alphabetical

order for each office, with the last name being printed first.

(b) Voters must place an X inside of the box to the right of the name of the candidate they are voting for.

(c ) No other mark may be made on the ballot. An X outside of the box

will render the ballot void.

(d) Ballots must be marked with the pencil provided at the polling station.

(e) Voters are allowed to erase any mark on the ballot paper, if they think

they may have made an error, but such erasing should be done by the student him/herself. If no attempt is made to erase or if there is doubt as to whether any erasure was attempted, the ballot shall not be counted.

Article XIII

Counting of the Ballots

(a) Ballots must be counted on the same day they are cast.

(b) The elections officer shall conduct the counting in a public place

and the scores must be kept in a manner that all present may see.

(c) A candidate or his agent may ask to examine any ballot if there is dispute as to its correctness.

(d) The elections officer must declare the results of the poll on the same day such poll was taken.

Article XIV

By-Election (a) In the event that a student, having being elected cannot assume

the post to which he/she was elected for whatever reason, or was

impeached, or resigns, a by-election must be held.

(b) The procedure outlined in Article XI (Elections) and XII (the ballot

Paper and Article XIII (counting the ballots) shall be followed, except

Article XI (a) and (b). Adjustments to the time of appointment of the elections officer and the setting of the dates for nomination day and election day will be as necessary.

Article XV

Election of Year/Programme


(a) After election day any year and programme without representation

on the Executive Council shall elect a representative to the Council

Article XVI There shall be two trustees:- i) The Principal, or a member of staff appointed

Trustees by him, ii) A member of staff nominated by the Students’ Council.

The duty of the trustees is to endorse the expenditure of the Students’ Council.

The End