Three student of entrepreneurship, Alahana Allen, Davikah Crichlow, and Tycia Rodney attended the two Lady Maverick Intensive for women entrepreneurs on November 24th-25th, 2016. The retreat was hosted by author, Media Strategist and Motivational Speaker Miss Nerissa Golden and funded by COSME. Our two students joined women from across the region in learning and sharing about innovating and doing business.

Here is what our students said about the sessions:

Tycia: “It was inspiring to listen to Mrs. Golden’s story as to how she changed her life to become as successful as she is today and still manage her time wisely to be an awesome mother to four young children”.

Alahna: “The two days at the retreat has given me more knowledge about business, the mindset of the entrepreneur and effectiveness of sales”.

Davikah: “The two days is an experience I would never forget. The retreat was informative. I learned how I must have the right mind set in order to be successful in business.