Cape Associate Degree Programme

Students in the CXC CAPE Associate Degree programme pursue a two year full-time course or up to five years part-time in a range of subjects leading to qualification for entry into the world of work , university, and other higher education institutions.

Students will be awarded for each Unit passed but will qualify for the CAPE Diploma and the CAPE Associate Degree by passing six and eight Units respectively.

Communications Studies is a requirement for the award of the CAPE Diploma (six CAPE Units Courses), but Caribbean Studies, Communications Studies and Integrated Mathematics are required for award of the CAPE Associate Degree (minimum of eight CAPE Unit Courses) except where a student is pursuing studies leading to an Associate in Mathematics or a Unit of Pure Mathematics.

The CAPE syllabi are structured as 1-Unit and 2-Unit courses. Each Unit consists of one year of full time study and is separately examined and certified.

CAPE Courses could be Full or Part Time. It may be possible for individuals in full time employment to take a CAPE unit if their employers are willing to release them during the working week to attend classes or they can join a class in the evening.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirement for the Programme is at least five (5) subjects at CXC CSEC General Proficiency Grades I, II, III to include English A and Mathematics. Equivalent qualifications are acceptable. Consideration may be given to students with four (4) subjects at the required level and one at CXC CSEC General Proficiency Grade IV or Basic Proficiency Grade I. English A at the General Proficiency must be included in the group of five. Students are asked to note that there are specific requirements (a CSEC in the subject Grades 1-111) for entry to some courses.

Programme Requirements

The Cape syllabi are structured as 1-Unit or 2-Unit courses and each Unit consists of three modules. A 2-Unit course consists of two 1-Unit courses designed to cover a subject area, and to contain the core content of the traditional ‘A” level and additional content considered to be relevant to the needs of the Caribbean region in a global environment. Each Unit consists of one academic year of study and is separately examined and certified.

Full time students are required to take a minimum of three units in an academic year.

Part time students may take one or two units.

Assessment Procedure For Cape Courses

MCC Assessment – Class tests; Written Assignments/Projects/Research Papers; Laboratory Assignments (where applicable) and a final examination.

CXC Assessment – Internal assessment which usually contributes to approximately 20% of the candidate’s overall grade. External assessment – Examinations at the end of the academic year in which the Unit is taken. These usually contribute to approximately 80% of the candidate’s overall grade. (Kindly note that the emphasis placed on the internal and external assessment varies from subject to subject.)

CXC issues certificates indicating the performance of candidates on each Unit. An overall grade (Grades I to VII) is given to indicate the quality of performance in each Unit. CXC in addition awards a CAPE diploma for the satisfactory completion of a programme of at least six Units including Communication Studies and an Associate Degree for satisfactory completion of eight units including Caribbean Studies,Communication Studies and integrated Mathematics by all students except those who pursue an Associate Degree-Natural Sciences in Mathematics for whom the study of Integrated Mathematics is exempted