About MCC

The Montserrat Community College is located next door to the Montserrat National Trust and within walking distance of the crystal clear waters of Runaway Ghaut made famous by visitors such as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2. MCC is framed by a lush mountain backdrop and views of the Caribbean Sea. Mountain trails are within easy access and so is the Montserrat Volcano Observatory. MCC is located within a natural laboratory for the study of Environmental Science, Geology, Geography, Tourism, Disaster Management and much more.


The Montserrat Community College is committed to providing expanded access to the quality education and training programmes, which will satisfy the personal and professional aspirations of the people of Montserrat, improve their quality of life and meet the changing demands of the workplace in the 21st century and beyond.


The mission of the Montserrat Community College is to provide access to post secondary and continuing education that will enhance personal, intellectual and professional growth and motivate students towards lifelong learning. The College is committed to inclusive and creative programmes that will engender the appropriate attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary for flexible response to the social and economic development needs of Montserrat and the wider world.



Created August 6th, 2015

By Sharese D Allen - Former Student Council President

From this day on I pledge to do my best in reading for my CAPE Associate Degree.
To be a true ambassador of the Montserrat Community College
To wear the uniform with pride and nobility.
To participate in all extracurricular activities and student affairs geared towards my development.
I promise to obey the rules of the College and my class
To respect myself, teachers and staff
To be responsible and accountable for all school materials and resources made available to me
To ensure that my learning environment remains clean and suitable for learning.
To contribute to the development of my community
I pledge to do the best that I can, learn as much as I can
To stand proudly as a student of the Montserrat Community College
Whose motto is to Aspire, Apply, Achieve!